Welcome to Dollard Suter Family Fund serving & protecting retired police officers and their families

The DSFF was founded by the Association of Retired Police Officers of D.C. to provide a tax deductible method of supporting our fellow officers, their families and survivors in recognition of their service to their communities and the law enforcement family.



Our Projects

The DSFF supports widows and other dependent survivors of retired police officers from the D.C. Metropolitan Police, the United States Park Police, the United States Secrect Service Uniformed Division and its Agents, and the U.S. Capitol Police Departments, who are members of the Association of Retired Police Officers of the District of Columbia.


It is our mission to support our members, their families and survivors who come upon hard times and during the loss of their police officers husbands, wives, fathers, brothers or sisters.

About Us

The DSFF is administered exclusively by volunteers, who are fellow officers.  There are no salaries taken from the Fund.  Our volunteers spend their own time and resources seeking to comfort and assist the retired officers and their families who come to our attention.


Whether it is offering a temporary financial bridge for newly widowed spouses until they begin receiving survivors benefits; or the police officer or retired law enforcement family that due to unexpected emergencies finds themselves unable to meet financial comittments, the DSFF stands with them.